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I found the last version of all map.. Wait... what ? Isn't steam supposed to keep the game up to date ? But listen :
Resulting of an error of file storage, all the map files from the 1.110 where more recent (June 2000) than the ones from the 1.112f (May 2000). However, a smart guy named GGTF, thanks to him, brought those newer files to everybody. So, to perfect your Deus-Ex installation, you should download this pack and exctract it in the "Map" folder.

Bugs corrected by this patch :
- No music the third time at Hell's Kitchen.
- Bad lightening effects in several levels
- No safety hatch in the lift in front of the Queen's tower, see screenshots :

Steam version (May 2000) :
Patch version (June 2000) :

So don't forget to use it. I'm updating the tutorial in the first page. All thoses information are coming from this good belgian website :
Thanks to them.

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