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Originally Posted by Zukabazuka View Post
So what you are saying is that this update made it IMPOSSIBLE for you guys to work together as a team?

Added sv_disablefreezecam cvar to turn off the freezecam on a server.
Added sv_nonemesis cvar to turn off domination/revenge on a server.
Added sv_nomvp cvar to turn off MVP stars on a server.
Added sv_nostats cvar to turn off stats on a server.

Check the update really, if you have over 200 friends, and have a server then put those in. All that is TF2 for you will go away. It will be the same CSS without the tickrate you wanted.
The gameplay isn't the same. Orange Box is different. The hitbox has become more accurate, yes. This ruins some of the tactical aspects from the old css. Those aspects that the professionals learned to use.
We knew, that moving was our advantage. Now css has become a camper-game, because it makes no difference of you're camping, or if you're running. Campers has a too big advantage, and this makes all maps into extreme counter-terrorist maps.
In worst case, this will f* up all the competetive play in css. The team who starts CT will win 15 - 0. The team who plays CT in second round, might end with a 14 - 1 score. The 1 point that makes the match end 16 - 14 because of demotivation from the huge defeat as Terrorist.
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