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Arrow Dods My Fallen Brothers By [OFAB]Rusty

Hello again guys well this is my latest release for day of defeat source.
This is "My Fallen Brothers" animated custom background i saw the artwork on the net and thought it might make a good custom background, well after adding in the animated smoke/fog it really made the background come alive, and for me works really well.
Hope you guys like my latest release as much as i did putting it together.

Authors Notes

Animated background made by [OFAB]Rusty

Picture found on net

Compatible with Wide Screen Monitors

How To Install

Open the Zip file and put the materials file into your main dod folder, follow the path below.

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\Myemail\day of defeat source\dod

*If you dont want to see the Day OF Defeat Source on your menu background add the resource file, to your dod folder.

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