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Exclamation Queue locked

1) As soon as either Research or Wealth (to Production) gets listed or activated in a queue, the sequence is simply locked out.

-- This has a huge disadvantage; i can't "leave" a pool of pending items for later or quick use when ready for it. Maximum should be a real 6 continually even if i have both R&W already on the current list... at least.

2) Show yields for "Civilian" units option should only be used by Settlers/Workers & certainly not by GP or any others.

3) Decline/Accept to browse & use MODS should be answered once per major patch & not every time i enter the menu.

-- Speaking of which, the pageing tags are outside the pop-up on the left. I think they belong on the bottom between {Back} & [Install} buttons.

4) Replay files linked to & from the HOF or by an external asset. And also a true Offline Civilopedia, btw.

5) Launch the SS animation & built-up parts *ON* a full-screen popup, at the very least a similar "function" such as what we had in Civ4_BTS.

6) Option to shut the audio commentaries once we complete techs. Or any other areas we'd want to, by personal choice.

7) Having a city territory as big as 91 hexes is really fun... but when a single Oil for offshore platform is barely a single tile away from this range - it's quite upsetting!

-- Right now, we can expand by buying tiles. At much higher cost if any, i want the opportunity to put such a tile in action too.

-- Even with total configuration layouts (which we could manipulate or adapt to specific situations!), there's always that "bridge_too_far" feeling i know. But give us that power of strategic territorial design(s).

8) I'd also highly recommend to devs to have a very long & hard look at the whole library of current and future mods (continual monitoring might be a better word) while doing everything in their power to implement anything which enhance stock gameplay, microman & so on.

9) Babylonians, FREE. We deserve it, for our patience with the buggy initial release.

... more, later, possibly.

10) Where's the other Uranium or Aluminium tiles? A search function or routine that does auto-cycling scans of the world once we click either on the top_bar icons (i have zero right now, i want more or at least one!) or within a new top-left-corner applet such what AgS_Resources_Mod did with its listing menu of everything.

11) Number of Units per slot... seriously, what's the difference between having to see *EIGHT* workers on a tile & a single (possibly re-scaled a bit bigger!) unit? It just doesn't make sense to waste UI space & frame rates on extra visual stuff. Heck, even the embark doubled ships are somehow unreal -- to me.

12) Free_Camera. We can zoom into the action (optional down to level 4 by config.ini editing!) and it's quite immersive.
-- Civ4 did this. I also want it in Civ5; if only for 6 directions -- even a full panning 12 sides available through the usual keyboard Arrows. Pitch/Yaw... the whole power of control.

... later - maybe.

13) ZoC principles reworked to allow for transitional access to "external" tiles. Instead of having only 6 directions to move into, add the extra 6 angles that linearly leads to those hexes. Strategy at its best. Tactical decisions. Would AIs exploit such stuff, though?

... might add a few more!

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