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Originally Posted by halo4life View Post
Someone already asked this, but I want an answer. Why can't the PC port be as good as the PS3 version? Why is that so hard? The people who have bought this game and then been greeted by countless problems deserve it.
Because the PS3 version is not completed yet.

The "countless" problems seem to be limited to 3 or 4 issues ...

1. Under performance
2. Corruption in the UI/Ingame
3. Characters randomly standing in a the T pose.
4. Keyboard/Joypad control issues.

If there are more issues that come under other "labels" please let us know, but that is the issues list we've put together from all the comments so far.

As for the PS3 version, we will look to bring this to the PC as an update to the current PC version at a later date.
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