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Originally Posted by Nitronumber9 View Post
If I can make a suggestion for that?
A game called S4 League features a really nice weapon rental system. Players rent weapons for a certain amount of time (5 hours, 10 hours ext) however those hours counted down only in a combat situation. So while you are customizing in menus and vice versa the timer stayed static. Players could also extend the weapon timers if they liked a certain weapon for a discounted price (I think, I can't 100% remember) Visual customization on the other hand was rentable for days. (it used to be permanent)

And a couple more questions (So sorry, just curious)

1. Will there be a closed and open beta? (I'm also guessing Ignition will publish it so I won't ask whos publishing)

2. With mechs (I'm guessing they will be player controlled) Will it similar to Fear2's Assault core mode where both teams get a mech and its the first peep to jump into it unless your planning on a rotation system.

Either way, best of luck, I'll be keeping an eye on it thats for sure.
I plan for there to be an open beta. Actually, the game is free and we will be constantly updating it. So in some ways there will be little difference between a beta and a final release except maybe the final release allows you access to more items and will have less bugs. :P

As for who will be publishing this, well the announcement about the game came from us, not Ignition. So read into that what you will. :P
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