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Turret Assembly Line Glich/crash

I was in the section when they were testing for good and bad turrets, the bad turrets being ejected into the incinerator. being benevolent as i am, i decided to save some of the would-be turrets from incineration. if you save more than a certain number of turrets, (5 maybe? I'm not sure), they oldest ones start exploding, apparently in order to prevent too many turrets from being on screen at once. one of the explosions propelled a different saved turret back onto the assembly line, where it proceeded to gum up the works royally. I've attached a screen shot of the result. As time wore on the game started running very slowly, < 1FPS. I tried going to a new area hoping the loading screen would clear things up, but when i got there the game crashed and gave the error "Save Buffer Overflow".

The Beginning pileup:

The Result:
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