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Originally Posted by DonKiszot View Post
This is the setup I am trying to run for a Play Station 2 controller. It works fine, but only once. And only until I press the button that does the taunt (POV up and left). After that both analog sticks stop working until I restart the whole game. Also, the right analog stick fires portals whenever I move it up or down, axis z.

I'd be grateful if someone could point out to me what I am doing wrong.
To fix the portal gun firing when you use the analog stick I just added a few lines to the top of the config that I grabbed from my L4D setup. Note this is for two PS2 controllers, just remove all the cmd1 lines if you want player 1 to use keyboard/mouse.

Also it still breaks if you use the taunt buttons so just don't use them, otherwise it works awesomely. If you removed the lines "POV_Up" and "POV_LEFT" it would probably fix it breaking.

joystick 1
joy_advanced "1"

cmd2 joy_name "PS2 controller player2"

cmd2 joy_advanced "1"
cmd2 joy_advaxisx 3
cmd2 joy_advaxisy 1
cmd2 joy_advaxisz 2
cmd2 joy_advaxisr 4
cmd2 joy_advaxisu 0
cmd2 joy_advaxisv 0

cmd2 joy_forwardsensitivity -1
cmd2 joy_sidesensitivity 1
cmd2 joy_pitchsensitivity 1
cmd2 joy_pitchsensitivity_default 0.75
cmd2 joy_yawsensitivity -1.5
cmd2 joy_yawsensitivity_default -1.5
cmd2 joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
cmd2 joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
cmd2 joy_lowend 0.65
cmd2 joy_lowmap 0.15
cmd2 joy_no_accel_scale 1
cmd2 joy_accelscale 3.0
cmd2 joy_accelmax 4.0
cmd2 joy_response_move 5
cmd2 joy_response_look 1
cmd2 crosshair 1
cmd2 hud_draw_fixed_reticle 1

cmd2 bind "JOY3" "+jump"
cmd2 bind "JOY2" "+duck"
cmd2 bind "JOY4" "+use"
cmd2 bind "JOY1" "+remote_view"
cmd2 bind "JOY5" "+quick_ping"
cmd2 bind "JOY6" "+zoom"
cmd2 bind "JOY10" "gameui_activate"

cmd2 bind "JOY7" "+attack2"
cmd2 bind "JOY8" "+attack"

cmd2 bind "POV_UP" "+mouse_menu_taunt"
cmd2 bind "POV_LEFT" "+mouse_menu"

cmd2 joystick 1
cmd2 sk_autoaim_mode 2
cmd2 +jlook

cmd2 joyadvancedupdate

cmd1 joy_name "PS2 controller player1"

cmd1 joy_advanced "1"
cmd1 joy_advaxisx 3
cmd1 joy_advaxisy 1
cmd1 joy_advaxisz 2
cmd1 joy_advaxisr 4
cmd1 joy_advaxisu 0
cmd1 joy_advaxisv 0

cmd1 joy_forwardsensitivity -1
cmd1 joy_sidesensitivity 1
cmd1 joy_pitchsensitivity 1
cmd1 joy_pitchsensitivity_default 0.75
cmd1 joy_yawsensitivity -1.5
cmd1 joy_yawsensitivity_default -1.5
cmd1 joy_autoaimdampenrange 0.85
cmd1 joy_autoaimdampen 0.5
cmd1 joy_lowend 0.65
cmd1 joy_lowmap 0.15
cmd1 joy_no_accel_scale 1
cmd1 joy_accelscale 3.0
cmd1 joy_accelmax 4.0
cmd1 joy_response_move 5
cmd1 joy_response_look 1
cmd1 crosshair 1
cmd1 hud_draw_fixed_reticle 1

cmd1 bind "JOY3" "+jump"
cmd1 bind "JOY2" "+duck"
cmd1 bind "JOY4" "+use"
cmd1 bind "JOY1" "+remote_view"
cmd1 bind "JOY5" "+quick_ping"
cmd1 bind "JOY6" "+zoom"
cmd1 bind "JOY10" "gameui_activate"

cmd1 bind "JOY7" "+attack2"
cmd1 bind "JOY8" "+attack"

cmd1 bind "POV_UP" "+mouse_menu_taunt"
cmd1 bind "POV_LEFT" "+mouse_menu"

cmd1 joystick 1
cmd1 sk_autoaim_mode 2
cmd1 +jlook

cmd1 joyadvancedupdate
also when you go back to single player make sure you disabled gamepad in the options menu to get back the use of your keyboard/mouse

hope this helps
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