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Purely from the perspective of the demo, the game is pretty-looking, but has absolutely nothing going on under the hood. Combat was super stiff and nothing remotely interesting was happening. I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but the whole demo felt like it was made by a group of artists who have never played a video game before, gave it their best first try, and completely missed every mark. Because the style was great, the animations were pretty nice, and the game ran silky smooth, but if the game isn't fun to play, it unfortunately doesn't much matter...

After I hit the 50th zombie with a baseball bat, had to hear the same "HOME RUN" voice clip for the 50th time, and realize over and over again that I can't actually collect the bonus coins I earned because the zombies flew somewhere I can't jump over (because you can't jump), I was already dying of tedium.

Then when I hit a very innocuous looking barrel and it blew up violently with no warning and killed me, I knew I wasn't even going to bother anymore. Why? Because apparently you can't load autosaves.

Was kind of just an ultimate facepalm moment for me.

Glad some other people enjoyed it, but I see absolutely nothing of value here personally. The gameplay is just tissue paper thin, but the art style showed a lot of promise.

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