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Hello all. We're continuing to work hard to address all the issues, but there are a lot of threads now and we want to be sure we don't miss anything. If you are still having issue please post them in here with the following:

1. Put a title on your post which describes the issue e.g. FPS PERFORMANCE, CRASH etc. If somebody else has already made a post which sounds like the same issue, please indicate this by giving your post the same title as the existing post e.g. FPS PERFORMANCE, CRASH

2. Please give as much information in the body of the post as possible, including:
  • The area(s) of the game it occurs
  • How frequently it occurs
  • What you were doing in the game before it occurs
  • Provide a screenshot if possible / applicable
  • Capture a video if possible / applicable
  • Create a dxdiag report and send it to with the subject line the same as the post title e.g. FPS PERFORMANCE, CRASH

This will be a great help for us to help you with all of your issues as quickly as possible

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