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If you're wanting to downgrade to - to use the new visual mods, you can do the following:

Props go to this guy!

1. Download the patch - I got mine from here. Install the patch over

2. Download RGSG (a Rockstar Social Group tool) from here. Do not run yet!

3. Find your GTAIV folder (usually Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto iv\GTAIV) and rename it to something else - failure to rename your original folder will result in you having to re-install the game.

4. Run the RGSG tool - this will create a GTAIV folder.

5. Copy the contents from the GTAIV folder into the folder you renamed in step 3 (your original GTA folder).

6. Rename the folder you changed in step 3 back to GTAIV.

7. Install the mod and run the game

I tried using iCEnhancer with the 'normal' Steam version and then followed the steps above and tried again - BIG DIFFERENCE!