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Team Fortress 2 Promo?

Not sure if anyone has suggested this yet, but thought I'd put it here anyway.

Anyway, I've been wondering if Sakari Indie has considered having some sort of promotion with TF2, from what I understand it's fairly easy, just get in contact with valve and ask if a promo with your game is okay, you (the developer) will have to do most of the work of course, such as submitting the promo items. The main benefits of a TF2 promo is it allows indie games to get a lot more exposure to a large audience of players, and it also generates pure profit for steam and the developers involved. I for example would have never heard of the little indie gem that is SpaceChem if it weren't for TF2.

Full list of TF2 promotional items can be found Here, several of the games are from indie developers, or small studios.

No idea what the promo items could be, maybe a cross-game promo? Perhaps a Legionnaire outfit for the Solider, and a Soldier outfit for the Legionnaire, similar to the Killing Floor promotional items, maybe even give vintage ones to people that already owned the game previous to the promo announcement.

tl;dr: Sakari Indie could use more mo-ney, why not have a promotion with TF2?
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