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Originally Posted by Madner Kami View Post
You can get plenty of the gold energy in the Ant's Nest and the levels beyond.
Thanks for the help, however "plenty" isn't entirely accurate. After trawling back through the entire ant's nest, I finally found ONE gold energy. I'm not sure whether it was dropped by an enemy (if so, it's about a 1% drop rate) or was the same energy I found on my first visit which allows you to pick up an item dropped by one of the wrapped corpses.

The big soldier ants drop yellow, the small ants drop green, and the floating head things drop blue or yellow. That's it.

Fortunately I only need one to progress, but it kinda sucks that I could only find one spot in the entire game for something so essential!

For the record, it's in a large chamber on the left of the nest. From the queen's chamber you have to go up two levels, left, and down a level again. That's where I found it, anyway.

Addendum: Ok, so this game is really stating to get on my nerves.

I've made it all the way to the end of the "cursed monkey cave", where you need FIVE gold energy to collect the item. And in the six or so sub-levels that I've battled through since the ant's nest to get here, I've found one gold energy dropped by an enemy. ONE. I mean, seriously, is this game designed to be impossible to complete?! :-(

And let's not forget the seven Centaurs I've counted in the game so far. So I'm somehow supposed to find 12 gold energy despite there only being one place where one might be findable (and I'd have fight my way in, get it, fight my way out, and then do the whole thing all over again for each single energy). Either that or rely on what seems like a 1 in 500 chance of an enemy dropping it.

Why the hell couldn't they just put in a "converts blue into gold" stone somewhere like they did earlier on is beyond me. Hell, it's hard enough to find 12 blue, but at least it's actually possible. *sigh*.

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