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Now that you've mastered Toki Tori, this next test will keep you busy for a really looong time...

Constant Need For Air
Screenshot | Download: MediaFire | Gamefront
Last Update: September 12, 2011 (version 6)

A HUGE map, probably the largest one in the whole game. It consists of a series of puzzles that become increasingly difficult the higher you get. Building the way to the top shouldn't be too hard to figure out; however, the puzzle comes with only one bubble charger at the bottom of the map so you have to keep an open route to go back there, while saving as many bubblesuit moves as possible when you climb to the upper sections.

The lower section is pretty easy and should give you an idea of what the map is about, but things become more complicated once the switchbricks kick in!

You know the story: if you manage to finish the level in a way that doesn't feel like intended, please let me know!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

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