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Originally Posted by SomeGamePlayer View Post
This solution is infinitely easier to implement, adjust, remove and restore.

Kudos to all of you guys for trying and succeeding, FANTASTIC, especially you code diggers.

Thumbs way up to everyone.
ok so this is much better way which does not require that any binaries be edited and more likely will not cause problems with vac

now that we know this please nobody should edit their binaries!

and who knows this may work for other changes as well

follow the instructions on by WordLife

As I have never created a Steam forum account before and it apparently takes them a ing life time to activate your account, I thought I would try this, and hope Reddit comes through for me.

There have been people claiming to have a FOV fix that involves hex editing some *.dll files which is a big no-no for VAC, which can result in you being banned, there is a much easier way to edit the CameraDefaultFOV cvar located in Data0.pak/Data/Skills/default_levels.xml

To do so, simply extract the file, locate your Dead Island folder in your user's documents folder, where your audio and video settings are already saved, and create a "Data" folder, a "Skills" subfolder, and place the default_levels.xml in the skills sub folder. Open the file, edit away.


90 degree FOV:

62.5 (default) FOV:

If any of you could be so kind as to xpost this to:

For me, I would be thankful. - Charo

To be clear, your DeadIsland folder should have this structure:








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