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Yikes the response I've had from FOTDS has been with significantly more fervor than I thought. I was worried talking about any of the mod stuff may get people who don't otherwise know better vac banned or in other trouble with multiplayer, though seeing steam support's response has pretty much alleviated that fear.

So I've bundled and uploaded the files with a readme (for people not familiar with where modded files go):

As noted in the readme it isn't going to be coming with any sound modifications as there aren't any tools or anything to reliably edit .xwb sound banks. Basically you'll get the physics you've seen. Fall damage still occurs and if it's over a certain threshold you will still die.

It's a combination of gravity change to the ragdolls, damage punch and kick multipliers in default_levels.xml, slightly lower gravity to stave off fall damage (makes you bouncy as a downside though), and health regen also to counter fall damage. It's actually not a huge change to 99999 in any of these fields or anything. Two parts in the video have the fist damage replaced with explosive damage and electric damage, that's not included in the zip or anything, I tried to keep it simple.

If someone does find a way to kill fall damage let me know, I tried everything including damage reduction, changing physics collision damage, disabling entire damage types, etc.

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