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One last FPS mod update. I figured out how to make this mod work with a "legit" playthrough, as in not having to use cheat engine to hack money. I increased the drop rate and amount of cash that spawns. You should now have enough money to afford to buy guns and ammo. I've lowered guns to spawn as low as level 2. I also added the capability to mod any gun with shock. Shops now spawn A LOT more guns and most melee weapons are removed from them.

Total list of changes in this mod:
Movement speed changes, mainly strafing.
Recoil reduction and base 1% crit chance on guns.
Headshots do tons of damage.
Shops stock guns equal or near equal to level at 2 and up.
Shops stock ammo.
999k ammo capacity so you can buy/store as much as you want.
Medkits buffed to 300% so they're useful mid/late game.
Bullets have 100% penetration so they go through zombies.
Special dev gun not obtainable in the regular game in the final shops.
Ammo crafting ingredients reduced by 1.
More cash found to help pay for ammo and guns!
All guns can receive the shock mod and it only requires the recipe.
Shop inventories fixed to reflect new level requirements.
Katana + Wakizashi are the only melee weapons in shops. They're the best. (This is actually done because other melee weapons were hogging the inventory, now it has more guns.)
Lockpicked chests drop rare loot more often, if you need some good blunt weapons invest in that.
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