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Less Ammo Capacity & Slower weapon degrade[Hardcore Edition]
Description: this mod will make the ammo truly scarce and VERY expensive

Crafting Ammo:
is it Pistol or Shotgun or Rifle ammo you craft, you get 2 Bullet for each 1x Metal Scrap and 1x Detergent
no cost for creating ammo (yes crafting ammo is free)

Price for Ammo in Shops:
Pistol Small = 5 bullets for 500$
Pistol Big = 15 for 1100$
Shotgun Small = 5 for 1000$
Shotgun Big = 15 for 2100$
Rifle Small = 10 for 1500$
Rifle Big = 20 for 2100$

Health Packs: you can carry 5 max in stack.

Grenades: you can carry 3 max in stack. prices changed. Molotovs are cheapest (100$)

Tried to make ammo more rare when looting from bodies/furniture

Made weapon very deadly, it can take 1-2 shots in head for a Walker to die from unmodified magnum.
not tested if human enemies can do same damage on you.

UPDATE: tested, seems like normal walker zombie by hitting you can take 3 health bars from you, dont know if thats what i made or it was always like that. but oh, this is madness.... madness? this is HARDCORE! (Edit: nvm, i think it always was like that :P )

anyway, i tested same modified katana, it took about 80 hits to break.

modified (with shock/poison/fire) firearm always does special, because to make weapon deadly, ive edited firearms critical multitude from 0 to 10.
because editing weapon's damage statistics, nothing changes in game. opinions? should it be like that?

version 0.2 will have MUCH less ammo, im not kidding, weapons are deadly, magnum takes 2-3 shots on torso to kill a walker, shotgun sometimes insta kills, and sometimes takes big damage on walker no matter where you shoot(head of course is already a fact that zombie will lose it). rifle takes 2-3 bullets to torso to kill.

shot 3 times with my modified unique shotgun in the back of Ram to kill it. AND thats why im gonna make ammo capacity very low, your gun will be like your angel guardian. shot 20 bullets into floater to kill him (with AK)

hmm, human bandits though make a little damage to me, 1 pistol hit takes my 1 health bar (wow. less than a zombie hit!)

and i shot all of them with shotgun, insta kill even from about 15 meters distance (i guess my shotgun is accurate, lol), the view was nice, from one shot, they had their arms and detached, heheheh.

Version 0.2 - 13.9.2011
Download Link:
Install: put all into Dead Island\DI\Out\Data folder
NOT COMPATIBLE WITH More chance to find rare weapons or More ammo capacity & Slower weapon degrade
Download this file for More chance to find rare weapons and Hardcore mode to work together
Download Link:
Insallation: into Dead Island\DI\Out\Data. More chance to find mod isnt required for this file, only Hardcore.
by Marcuz008
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