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Applying any of the fixes, tweaks, mods may result in your game crashing.

Getting Started Guide
Before modding Dead Island it is recommended that you first watch the following video and read rabrock's guide to modding the game.

youtube video showing how to make changes

beginner's guide to modding dead island

in this thread --EUTHANASIA-- documents in easy to read english just about everything that you may possible want to mod

default.loot, default_levels.xml, buffs.xml, hud.xui commented

things to keep in mind when modding

VAC Ban Warning
warning do not directly modify dead island distribution files. any changes that you make to dead island distribution files can result in you being vac banned.

while nothing is 100% sure to the best of our collective knowledge we have come up with a way that we believe to be safe for you to mod dead island.

instead of directly changing the dead island distribution files we extract the files that we would like to change to the corresponding subdirectory in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\DeadIsland\out and then edit those files.

while a bit terse and vague here is what steam support and the game's developers have posted

Steam_Support twitter post about DI mods & VAC!/Steam_Support...10796128243712

DeadIslandGame twitter post about DI mods & VAC!/deadislandgam...96399760142336

to further reduce your risk of being VAC banned disable VAC in the games settings

also only play coop with other members that are also playing with VAC disabled.

finally regardless of how you have VAC set you risk being VAC banned if you join a coop game that is VAC enabled or someone who has VAC enabled joins the game that you are playing on.

+ so there is no need to edit any dll or exe or pak files. as i and others have posted a way has been discovered that allows us to make modifications that does not require us to change the dead island distribution files. which while not 100% safe from the risk of being vac ban, sounds promising and less risky. so if you have changed any dead island distribution files please verify cache content immediately and go back to the official distribution.

+ also before doing anything you see in this thread read and understand completely each and every post for the change that you would like to make

+ if you are vac banned, it's for life, it cannot be undone, it can be for all your vac secured games, steam support will not be able to help you, nobody here will be able to help you, so beware, be very careful, you are more than warned!

+ understand completely what it mean to be vac banned

Backup your game files
Regardless of whether you are playing an unmodded game or a modded game it is always a good idea to periodically backup your profile and single game save.

It is especially important to backup your profile and save when using mods in case the game save that is created when the game is modded is not restorable when running the regular game without the mod.

So, don't lose your progress, backup your profile and save!

saves and profiles are stored in

corrupt save fix

a treasure trove of things to change can be found in in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dead island\DI\Data0.pak

+ unpacking dead island pak files is as easy as opening them with 7-zip and pressing Extract

Call to Arms
we can use your help, so instead of complaining or playing the game until you puke...

help us out, let's play a new roll playing game were by we scour the pak files , it's all there, identifying where fun things are to mod

and let's get modding!

Modders' Corner (information helpful to members creating mods)
ryder skills tree

change draw distance

change how zombies spawn

change zombie behavior

change zombie/enemy ai

change zombie/enemy animations

change weapon accuracy

swap characters

change charager size

change levels on which inventory items generate

changing the a characters default levels

change what weapons look like

changing kick / punch damage

editing textures

editing bin files

change mesh and skin properties

changing hud melee crosshairs

unlock all the skills so you may pick and choose which ones you want

list of all the craft part's that can be added to shops.scr

how to correctly extract .pak files

change the minimum zombie level that appears in each chapter

change how durable weapons are

editing weapon durability and repair / upgrade costs

editing rate at which weapons degrade

changing the amount of damage from weapons

changing weapon damage type

editing weapon stats

pick up food mod

change the amount of money dropped

allow npc to hold your items

edit player and weapons

zombies die and explose with just 1 hit

changing what the shop will sell

change it so that zombies don't drown

change player limits (maxed stamina, health, speed, jump, meele, inventory)

change kicking limits (super kick)

change fists limits (super fists)

change fists stats

change vehicle and driver limits

change how health regeneration

change health (super health)

add any mod to any weapon

change player's boomerang skill

change how xp is awarded (for coop games)

switching player classes (logan, sam b, purna, etc)

increase chance of finding rare weapons

increasing the number of items that can be placed in your inventory

increasing the number of items and the types of items npc shops sell

adding chainsaw to wayne's shop

customize which icons your radar shows

limited way to replace texture, sounds, ect

modify sounds files

improve auto aim

change what items are in loot containers (including craft blueprints)

change paddles into shutguns

change level scaling

changing weapon settings

changing weapon acuracy

changing the sky (sky box)

list of all the all weapons/items/collectibles codes

change the items you get when choosing a chapter

changing quest rewards

add damage immunity / very heavy resistance when in a car

change chance of additional damage from electrocution or vomiting

how to give a new character starting weapons, cash and all skills

how to create new .xwb files

change what items and cash that you start a chapter with

add painkillers, invulnerability packs, strength boosters and zombie invisibility to lootable items

change the blueprints that you start a chapter with

change generated weapons have a level cap

change weapons stats

add all the modded weapons

define the stats for the higher leveled weapons

extract form .rpack files

make the chainsaw repairable

010 editor template

stop zombies grabbing you

break doors instantly

change how much damage player receives

remove bashing door icon

desaturate colors

causes much loss of limbs for zombies

remove intro movies

change escort quest npcs

99 skill points at level 50 mod

slow down the movement speed

unofficial modding tools
+ rick's dead island chrome tools

+ extract from .rpack files

+ program to extract .xwb files

+ tpfextract and tpfextractgui extract .tfp files

+ dead island language bin editor

+ using texmod to extract and change textures (VAC must be disabled / Single player only / may trigger VAC ban)

+ using offzip to extract from .rpack files (alternative)

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