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Originally Posted by ChibiMrBubbles View Post
Can you tell me which ports or domain you're disabling on Windows host files or the router page?

Block all inbound/outbound traffic with

This prevents the in game ad code from tracking usage or determining where to download the ad data files from.

For the Windows Firewall:
1) Go to Windows Firewall -> Advanced Settings
2) Outbound Rules -> New Rule
3) Rule Type -> Custom
4) Program -> All Programs
5) Protocol and Ports (Leave as Default)
6) Scope -> "Which remote IP addresses does this rule apply to?" -> "These IP Addresses:"
6b) Add... (The lower one) -> (In the "This IP address or subnet" box.)
7) Action -> "Block the connection"
8) Profile (Leave as Default)
9) Name (Fill these in as appropriate. I used "DoubleFusion" as the Name, and profanity in the Description)
10) Finish

The benefit of doing it this way is that even if they change things off the specific servers I happened to pick up, it will still prevent ads from appearing since it will block every single IP address allocated to the ad service). As an added bonus, if there are any other games that have in game advertising from DoubleFusion, this will apply to those as well.

Note: You may need to delete C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\cache\18616-256-DDS_FORMAT_DXT1-False I haven't checked if the code uses locally cached data if it fails to connect to the ad provider or not.
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