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Applying any of the fixes, tweaks, mods may result in your game crashing.

Getting Started Guide
The easiest way to apply fixes, tweaks and mods to Dead Island is to use Cab's Dead Island Helper
+ dead island helper

If you prefer to manually apply fixes, tweaks and mods to Dead Island then it is recommended that you first watch the following video and read rabrock's guide to modding Dead Island.

youtube video showing how to make changes

beginner's guide to modding dead island

VAC Ban Warning
warning do not directly modify dead island distribution files. any changes that you make to dead island distribution files can result in you being vac banned.

while nothing is 100% sure to the best of our collective knowledge we have come up with a way that we believe to be safe for you to mod dead island.

instead of directly changing the dead island distribution files we extract the files that we would like to change to the corresponding subdirectory in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\DeadIsland\out and then edit those files.

while a bit terse and vague here is what steam support and the game's developers have posted

Steam_Support twitter post about DI mods & VAC!/Steam_Support...10796128243712

DeadIslandGame twitter post about DI mods & VAC!/deadislandgam...96399760142336

to further reduce your risk of being VAC banned disable VAC in the games settings

also only play coop with other members that are also playing with VAC disabled.

finally regardless of how you have VAC set you risk being VAC banned if you join a coop game that is VAC enabled or someone who has VAC enabled joins the game that you are playing on.

+ so there is no need to edit any dll or exe or pak files. as i and others have posted a way has been discovered that allows us to make modifications that does not require us to change the dead island distribution files. which while not 100% safe from the risk of being vac ban, sounds promising and less risky. so if you have changed any dead island distribution files please verify cache content immediately and go back to the official distribution.

+ also before doing anything you see in this thread read and understand completely each and every post for the change that you would like to make

+ if you are vac banned, it's for life, it cannot be undone, it can be for all your vac secured games, steam support will not be able to help you, nobody here will be able to help you, so beware, be very careful, you are more than warned!

+ understand completely what it mean to be vac banned

Backup your game files
Regardless of whether you are playing an unmodded game or a modded game it is always a good idea to periodically backup your profile and single game save.

It is especially important to backup your profile and save when using mods in case the game save that is created when the game is modded is not restorable when running the regular game without the mod.

So, don't lose your progress, backup your profile and save!

saves and profiles are stored in

corrupt save fix

Call to Arms
we can use your help, so instead of complaining or playing the game until you puke...

help us out, let's play a new roll playing game were by we scour the pak files , it's all there, identifying where fun things are to mod

and let's get modding!

fixes and tweaks
change fov

disable motion blur

disable weapons blur

disable bloom

disable dust

disable desaturate

modify fog

dark gloomy overcast skies plus ominous thundering in the background

add rainy weather (being worked on)

day and night cycles

change it so that zombies don't drown

disable head bob / camera shake (being worked on)

enable analog mode when using keyboard and mouse (alternative way)

change mouse sensitivity (different links have different values to try)

improved player keyboard / mouse responsiveness (fixes microstutters)

fix stutter issue

F-key fix (use key)

disable ssao (improve performance)

disable logging (improves load times / performance)

enable simple shadows (improves performance)

enabling fsaa with a nvidia card

fix for audio crackling / static

disable hud elements

stop health & weapon hud from fading

multi-monitor hud and menus fix

disable ingame voice (temporary workaround) (does not appear to work)

remapping all keyboard keys and mouse buttons to any action

quick save and quick load (partially there)

how to fix auto-equipping alcohol/medkits/weapons

using mouse scroll wheel to switch weapons

using number keys to switch weapons

with this change you won't lose money when you die

stop popups (working on it)

increase draw distance

enable vsync

disable intro movie

window mode

tweak to disable player speech when looting and accepting quests

how to chat while having a xbox 360 controller connected 1

single player / friends only mods


+ dead island helper utility

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