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Ghastly UI

Made by Marvyra aka Ghastly Golly on Steam.

Hey guys! Great job with all the mods! Just wanted to say that I'm currently working on a custom UI for Dead Island. Making it feel and look less console:ish.

So far I'm done with the HUD, Inventory, Quest Log and Skill List. Will be updating this post when more progress has been made.

Ghastly HUD:
Ghastly Inventory:
Ghastly Quest Log:
Ghastly Skill List:
Ghastly Skill Picture:
Ghastly Craft:
Ghastly Shop:
Ghastly Storage:

Vanilla HUD:
Vanilla Inventory:
Vanilla Quest Log:
Vanilla Skill List:
Vanilla Skill Picture:
Vanilla Craft:
Vanilla Shop:
Vanilla Storage:

Interface Video:

HUD released with instructions and comments!

SCR released with instructions, 80% complete!


Feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you Jano Ris, for giving tips and directions!
Thank you gozombie, for adding my HUD to your community pack!


-HUD:Re-positioned the Stamina bar and dialogue text. The dialogue was overlapping the stamina bar.

-Skill:Changed the grey splat background to red in the skill menu.
-Skill:Re-positioned the skill trees a bit.
-Skill:Re-positioned the Available Upgrades box and Progress box.
HUD has been updated!
-HUD:Removed the hint icons, frame and background. Changed the hint text size and re-positioned it a bit downwards.
-HUD:Re-positioned the zone text, it is now in the upper left corner instead of the lower left.
-HUD:Changed the dialogue skip option text size.

-All:Re-positioned portrait, Level and Cash.
-Skill:Removed border around skill pictures.
-Quest:Re-positioned the quest log menu buttons.
-Inventory:Re-positioned menu buttons, equipment slots and weapon information.
-Craft:Lots of tweaking in the craft menu.
I was actually playing the game and trying out some coop interface stuff.

-Quest:Re-positioned the CoopWarning text.
-Skill:Changed the flowing background from dark red to black.
-Map:Resized legend icons.
-Shop:Resized text and icons.
-Craft:Resized icons.

Shop:Tweak tweak tweak!

Uploaded a new video showing off everything that I've done so far, with comments.


Storage:Finished and added screenshot.
Added Vanilla Craft, Shop and Storage screenshot.

I've decided to release what I've finished. Because other things have taken my attention at this moment. BUT FEAR NOT! I will return and finish this up really soon!

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