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Unofficial Patch 1.2.1 fixes:

- Possible to turn voice chat off
- The "weapon throw + backspace" replication bug is gone. You cannot throw weapon and then press backspace to replicate weapon.
- Game is running better, I got 50FPS all the time, now I got 80FPS, with no lags.
- Fixed error when player had plugged in USB headphones and this caused the loud crackling. Also using the usb headphones no longer causes the game to crash to desktop. (For some users)
- Game works offline
- Intros stuttering has been fixed (at least for me)
- Game recovers corrupted saves.
- Removed 30 item stack limit. You can now have for example: one stack of 400 oleander. (So possibly fixed save game corruption due to stack limit)
- Fixed Y-Button on XBOX-Controller to bring up quest details
- Deo bombs stack works properly now
- Fixed crashes in multiplayer when player reach a checkpoint

I got no mods.

I will keep it up to date when I will find more fixes.

THANKS TECHLAND!!! You guys rock!

- Save game works on this update. No need to re-start campaign completely.

I think that also save system works better, because I am carrying a lot of things, and game saves normally. I need to do more investigation here.

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