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Video drivers are up to date. I goofed around in windowed mode since my last post, and it didn't freeze, so it MAY be a workaround, but is it possible to change the size of the window, then? The box looks so awfully tiny in 1920x1080 on my 24" monitor.

Edit: I'll update this in case it freezes again in spite of windowed mode.

Edit2: Okay, found the .ini-file in appdata, and changed to my screen resolution. Hopefully it works as it should now

Edit3: Seems I'm not the only one with similar problems, but there's a fix.

Locate the .ini file in C:[user]\AppData\Local\Zachtronics Industries\Spacechem and edit the following:
fullscreen = True
windowbox = False
windowedfs = False
disableFBOs = True

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