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Originally Posted by UberMonkey View Post
Here's the first download. I'm also going to start updating the original post with these.

55 FOV (65 sprinting) Mod:
60 FOV (70 sprinting) Mod:
65 FOV (75 sprinting) Mod:
75 FOV (85 sprinting) Mod:

Instructions are included in the zip (instructions.txt). It's mentioned there but I'll also say it here... make a backup of your misc.vpp_pc and table.vpp_pc files! Files in question are in "[SteamDirectory]\steamapps\common\red faction armageddon\build\pc\cache". Thanks to scubs for suggesting I look into editing camera.xtbl.

Do-it-yourself mode instructions:

I got the tools from here:

You can find a link to the latest version through the official RF:G modding forum too, but only to uncompiled source. I've re-uploaded the compiled tools for anyone who doesn't want to bother registering at the forum linked above:

They're command line only and contain no help files (yay!). Basically it works like this... create a new folder somewhere and extract everything from that zip there. Next copy your misc.vpp_pc and table.vpp_pc files into that same directory from:
"[SteamDirectory]\steamapps\common\red faction armageddon\build\pc\cache"
Then you'll want to open a command prompt (start->all progs->accessories->command prompt) and go to the folder in question.

From here, type this:
Gibbed.Volition.Unpack misc.vpp_pc misc
and this:
Gibbed.Volition.Unpack table.vpp_pc table
You should now have two sub-folders called "misc" and "table." In each one there should be a file called "camera.xtbl" which you can open in something like notepad++ (or just notepad, but I think that would be pretty hard to work with).

You will see a number of "<camera_view>" tags, each followed by something like "<Name>normal_crouch</Name>". Anywhere after this you can create a new line and add something like:
Which would set the FOV for this camera state to 65. Note that some of the views (sprint, some of the exo suit stuff) already have an FOV defined with this command, in which case you should change that number instead of adding another line.

Once you're done, save both camera.xtbl files and enter these two commands in the command prompt:
Gibbed.Volition.Pack -version=6 misc.vpp_pc misc
Gibbed.Volition.Pack -version=6 table.vpp_pc table
You should now have updated (and much larger... try using -c before -version=6 to use compression mode if you want, didn't work for me) table.vpp_pc and misc.vpp_pc files in the directory where the pack/unpack utils are located. Copy these back into:
"[SteamDirectory]\steamapps\common\red faction armageddon\build\pc\cache"
but remember to make backups of the original files from this directory first!

Run the game, and if everything worked you should have changed the FOV values.

*Vehicles: I haven't messed with Vehicle FOV's yet... spent all my time so far messing with modding stuff and haven't made it to vehicles in the game. However I see several FOV referrences in the vehicle.xtbl file (also found in both misc.vpp_pc and table.vpp_pc, so you probably have to edit both) that look like:
So you could probably search these files for "<FOV_Override>" and change every instance to a number you like. I'll try this out once I get to some vehicles but it seems like it should work.

Why the hate for 70 FOV ?
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