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cs_militia, terrorists spawn inside each other.
Originally Posted by haDeslol View Post
pls fix the spawnbug, for instance on cs_militia with 14+ players on T side or dust2 with 20+ players on each side. the problem is that two players spawn on the same spawnpoint, so they can't move. even happens in the beta.
all info_player_terrorist to 0
origin X Y 0
Here, I fixed map with entspy.

Hope this download link works...

- Extract this map only => Source Dedicated Server
- Don't add map your fast download (sv_downloadurl "url"), because player have already cs_militia map
- Players don't need download same map again !!
- This have correct CRC version, players not get kicked by different map!
L 10/16/2011 - 13:47:41: Started map "cs_militia" (CRC "b9b6549ccc08c2e9d1feffe544e2d89d")
*tested 30 bots, slaying them repeatedly after round start.
*tested 30 people server, playing 20 minutes.

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