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Originally Posted by ProZak View Post
Have you considered making it an option to select which binaries to use? I mean selecting the individual exe's. That's a thing that annoys me with VBCT.
Compile binaries can be changed in the GameConfig.txt file with the 1.0t version of VBCT but since I haven't tested alternate executables the results are unknown.

Basically if the path declared in the GameConfig.txt file to vbsp.exe, vvis.exe and/or vrad.exe is different from the SDK path, or if the executables are not the regular names then VBCT will attempt to execute them.

VBCT has been updated to 1.0t and should work properly with the new SDK. A summary of the update:
VBCT has been updated to track with the new SDK update, IE: some mods were moved to the "source2009" folder and there is a new Source MP selection for "Orangebox" Multiplayer games.

The Launch Hammer button was also updated and now works properly. A minor update to the GameConfig.txt parser that allows custom compile module executables to be run (untested option though so user beware).

One last set of changes is there are now SDK Launch options in [...] for Portal2, Left4Dead and Left4Dead2 - VBCT won't directly compile for these mods yet but these are placeholders for this eventual capability.

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