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Originally Posted by -=Sgt. Fopper=- View Post
If you have issues to join a server "Joining server" in the Battlelog with xfire on, then turn it off and now you can join a server. I tested it several times.

It looks like EA has put xfire on the Blacklist or it's just a weird conflict between cfire and Battlelog/Origin. This is known since yesterday evening (German time).

I got the helpful tip from here and it works fine for me after that: (german)

So, I'm a step further. Now you can play WITH xfire on BUT you have to disbale the xfire overlay to find in the ingame chat options in fire.
--> Here a link where xfire users discuss about it:

EDIT3 with solution:
Last night there came a new small update for xfire (xfire_games_20111112) and it has a bug. If you look for BF3 in xfire you can see under "In-game renderer" only DX11 and you can't change it to DX10. (I must add that I have "only" a dx 10 graphic card!) The solution I found myself is to change this option manually. Go to C:\ProgramData\Xfire and open the file "xfire_games.ini" with f.e. Notepad++ and search for battlefield 3 and then change the line "InGameRenderer=D3D11" to "InGameRenderer=D3D10" and then save it. And now you can play BF3 with xfire again.

But the other strange thing is that I can't open the xfire overlay ingame to chat with friends... ;-)

EDIT4: (an user explanation for the xfire ingame issue in BF3 / a DX10-code fix is in the process)
ty i will add this to the main posts .

Originally Posted by ElLoco View Post

I have the "imposible to bind joystick keys bug" Got my hopes up after trying the method discribed here, still doesn't work. Driving me nuts!!
OK i will look into it further . Can u please explain more about what is happening and what problems you are having . Its hard to find a fix unless i know what problems you are having . I do need more info b4 i can look for another fix . Try the steps above again . If its the weapon switch problem remember you cant assign guns and missiles you need to assign 2 keys to change from them .

Originally Posted by Raven701 View Post
Why the do you need to do that? Thats unheard of.
Some cards come pre over clocked . The over clock is set to what is stable in other game engines . However the new frostbite 2 engine seems to take offence to it to a point where the over clock becomes unstable .

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