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Far cry not fully patched!?

I kept running into a serious bug on the "Fort" level, when you grab the Rocket launcher and go to take out the boats that are shelling you from the shoreline. as i started to make my way to the platform with the gatling gun, the cutscene that plays when you enter the area to get the key card and explosives, starts playing. it ends and your inside the area that you would normally be in if the bug hadn't occured. EXCEPT, the guy you take the key from is missing and your stuck, but you can still hear the shelling happening out side where you should be. To confirm the problem wasn't with my steam install, i got out my Far Cry DVD and suddenly remembered why I bought a second copy, running fc setup under win 7 x64 aborts telling you to run setup64.exe (or something really close to that name) on 64 bit systems. except there isn't a setup64.exe (or something really close to that name) anywhere on the dvd!
anyway, i ended up doing a backdoor install of FC using Windows XP Mode. Once had all the files had transfered, i ran through the new copy of the game (ver 1.1) until i hit the same area that the bug occured in the steam version. sure enough, there it was, I downloaded patch 1.3 and installed it to my steam version of FC and when i got to the same area (in the steam install) the bug was gone! I also tried playing the game (both steam and my DVD version) to the same area without any patches on my Athlon XP system running Windows XP SP3, and encountered the same damn bug.

So, in short, i recommend anybody that purchases/plays the game, install the patches for the game in the following order.

For FC x64 players (64-bit):

Far Cry Patch 1.3

Far cry 64-bit upgrade (which appearently only partially upgrades FC to version 1.32)

Far Cry AMD Enhanced Content Update

Far Cry 1.4 Cumulative update
install this for the same reason as you install patch 1.3 before the 64-bit patch; not all the files are updated, presumeably because the upgrade patch focuses on upgrading the game, not fixing bugs.

after install of 1.4 cumulitive patch, only the x86 (32-bit) executable will be updated to ver 1.4 but other fixes installed by the patch, are still valid for the 64-bit verson(i.e. maps, shaders, game script, etc.), i think.

For FC x86 players (32-bit) (or anyone who doesn't care about the content updates):

download and install the Far Cry 1.4 Cumulative update.

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