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Here it is! Finally I'm proud to present the third issue of G.Lecter's collection of deviously hard puzzles!

Phantom Conundrum
Screenshot | Download: MediaFire
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Last Update: November 29, 2011 (version 3)

Another large puzzle, but this time you start with no items apart from ghost traps so it shouldn't be as hard as my previous map. You must reach the top of the castle and lure the ghosts in a way that lets you grab all the eggs. To achieve that, you'll not only need to have a good plan for the ghosts, but also for the path Toki Tori will follow...

I think undesired solutions are unlikely in this one since there aren't bridges and telewarps you can be creative with, but I'd like to know about the ways you're solving it anyway... It should keep you busy for a lot of time... enjoy!

Last night as I lay, waiting for sleep in my bed,
a conundrum of phantoms danced in my head,

A soothing voice whispered to me, across the endless night
"Move the top left switch brick, it'll be alright"

With sudden realisation, my heart began to sing,
for finally, at last, I had solved the ♥♥♥♥ing thing...

Dark Cyanide

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