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QuickTime Events?

I just played this game and I could only stand to play it for the first 10mins, all of it was just a mass of quick time events. If you do not like quicktime events do not play this game.

Even the timing of the quicktime events feel off.

I am a HUGE fan of TellTale Games, but this game makes me cry a bit and then go back to Monkey Island.

There is a clear reason this game was released in One package instead of episodes and in my honest opinion that is because episodes 2-3 would not sell.

Even if the story was amazing,(didn't get far enough to tell/care) I don't think it would redeem the game in anyway.

A lot of the game feels like cut scenes that are constantly being slowed down by quick time events. This makes most of the game play feel choppy and imo if your using quick time events for your gameplay it better not feel choppy, the game needs to flow and feel good. That is extremely hard to accomplish with quick time events.

This game I would give a 3/10

O and a side not I was watching the trailer for this game and one of the designers, a Mark Darin said "Who wouldn't want to play this game?"


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