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Originally Posted by poutsample View Post
small? It has just downloaded 186,6 MB... can't be only those

actually I know what it did... it DESTROYED my saves... Croteam, seriously, WTF?
Oh, shoots! This was certainly not expected, but now that you say, I know what caused it. The update wasn't supposed to be that big. It broke saves on levels #1, #2, #9 and #12 because those were accidentally included in the update. Will ship another one tomorrow, and we can revert this problem by restoring old versions of the levels. Unfortunately, if we do that, then the revert will break saves on those created today. Not sure which poison to take now.... Hm...

Edit: Oh, right, I think I know how we might be able to make both old and new saves work. Stay tuned, we'll try to do something about it in the next patch today/tomorrow (depends on which timezone you view this from ).

Edit2: We have a patch for this in preparation, and according to preliminary tests, all save games should now work regardless of if they were made before or after the patch. If all is well, it should be on your disk in less than 12 hours, in package with a couple of other fixes and improvements that were made in the mean time.

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