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Originally Posted by CR - Crono View Post
I really really enjoy the fact that all the puzzles can be done without guessing that's why I hate the hardest sodokus, and that's why I love this game
wait, WHAT? i have always loved sudokus, and have been able to complete them on all but the hardest level (12 stars here in holland i believe). On some of these hardest ones i spent easily two weeks on and off before giving up. I would always get stuck (often at about 2/3rd completion) to the point where there basically were 2 possibilities for an empty box.

And of course i could see wich was the right one once i worked both out, but i felt this was 'cheating' since sudokos mean: deduction to the point of just 1 possibility.

It frustrated me to no end, because it made me feel inferior in the sudoku-universe lol.

Are you telling me the hardest sudokus actually make you HAVE TO guess at some point?? That would defy the entire beauty of a good sudoku imho.

Enlighten me please,

ps. Everydaygenius is awesome
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