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Originally Posted by Shaderhacker View Post
I'd like to know more about your graphics engine. The art direction is amazing and the game is simply too beautiful. But I wonder, how much of this is technical?
Look of a game is always down to the art team. In our case even more so, as we don't have a huge budget and thus we have limited feature set. Rendering stuff for all platforms have been done by 1 coder, and few more have had direct influence on it by working on tools / animation system and such. This doesn't leave much time for groundbreaking innovations .

Originally Posted by Shaderhacker View Post
Are you guys using a deferred shading renderer (i.e. virtually unlimited light sources)?

How many shadow-casting lights are there?

Screen-space AO or HBAO?

Are you guys using the PhysX engine for your physics simulations?

How high are the texture resolutions?

How many layers are your shaders?

Any simulated SSS shaders for the flora?

We are using deferred shading (we used it in first Trine as well). Only limit for lights affecting solid geometry is performance. Transparent objects can only be affected by 2 lights, though.

Up to 4 of our spots can use shadows (we pick ones covering most screen space in case there are more than that).

No AO.

We are using PhysX.

We are using textures up to 4096 x 4096 resolution. End boss is using one of those, for example. We compress non-transparent textures to dxt1, alpha tested to dxt3 and alpha blended to dxt5. Our normal maps on PC are dxt5, compared to dxt1 on consoles (dxt5 is twice the space but better quality).
Generally per level we don't have that much texture data - comparing PC to console builds we only have 40 textures or so which have been downscaled by dropping the highest mipmap level.

We don't use any real SSS. We use something we call "wrap shaders" which allow artists to tag certain materials (such as flora) to be lit when not facing the light (it's driven by wrap strength, wrap color and light dot normal value).
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