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Sorry for the false start. Here's my full .revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 folder:

It shouldn't require much action on the player's part, but hitting a bezerk and a freeze powerup as the Yeti wanders into the tower range is probably a good idea.

And quoting another poster on where the save folder goes:
Originally Posted by Portalboat View Post
The folder is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\38544869\93200\remote" if you have the cloud enabled, or C:\Users\(username) if you don't.
Originally Posted by Portalboat View Post
You replace your ".revenge_of_the_titans_1.80" with the downloaded one, start up the game and start a new christmas survival game, it'll ask you to reload your save, click yes.
I should also say that I encourage new people to play the game beyond just doing the achievement, but because the achievement has such a steep learning curve it seemed to be causing more ill will than Christmas joy. So get your achievement, then go play the game for real.

[edit] Having trouble? A few users have reported success by doing the following: (Caution: this may destroy your own savegames. If you're a new player that's not a problem, but be careful if you've spent time playing the campaign.)
Originally Posted by Oklep View Post
Yes, I have it...

Small howto from me.
1) Disable steamcloud for this game
2) run game
3) run bonus level and save it
4) quit game
5) find folder somewhere in C:\Users\USERNAME\.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80
6) overvrite
7) run game, run bonux level, click yes and wait till yeti willb e dead :-)
Originally Posted by PieceOfMind View Post
If Steam is installed to a different drive, you have to go to the Users folder on that drive.
Also, make sure that you're logged into the right profile. The menu screen has a banner that says "Welcome _____. Not you? Click here." If it says anything other than Bilbo (the name I used for the save profile), change to that profile.

OS X instructions from daaain:
Originally Posted by daaain View Post
On OS X you have to do the following:
  1. Install game
  2. In the Library right click the name, click Properties, click Updates tab, uncheck Steam Cloud
  3. Start up, create profile with the name "bilbo"
  4. Exit
  5. Replace savegame at /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/.revenge_of_the_titans_1.80 (you need to have hidden files shown for this to work, see for example: )
  6. Start game, click play, click Christmas bonus level and click yes to load game
  7. Profit

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