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MinMax's Story, A 6 Part Sticky Story

Hi everyone. This post was originally from the thread here:

Here is the original context. I want to thank Geno for this idea. It has been cathartic, and it hopefully a lot of fun to read. At the very least it is a history for my old age

So with some crashing problems I haven't really gotten to play the game enough to praise it sincerely, but in just a few days seeking help with it I've come to have a pretty high opinion of you guys. Clearly loyal fans, instant friendly support with the problem. I know even if I don't end up loving the game I'll remember MinMax.

I'm a CompSci major myself, and the dream for anyone in that area is working on games, so it can be a bummer to see some of the greedier, corporate trends taking over the industry.

But this isn't going to turn into a rant. I'm just building up to say how much hope I get from and respect I have for little operations like yours, and the guys over at Terraria, who make a fun game, put it up on Steam, and support it like you really care.

So I don't know if this sounds cheesy, but I find myself interested in hearing your story. What background led up to this? What was it like getting a game from pencil and paper to the Steam front page with just the two of you?

Going to post all 6 parts below.
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