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HLGuard is a bit overkill, I'd have to disable stuff first, like their wallhack block wasn't exactly CPU friendly when we tried it years ago, then it used to ban for an ordinary jump spam script in TFC that basically did

bind space "j;j;j;j;j"
alias j "+jump;wait;-jump;wait"

Not using _special or anything like that. It was fixed though but who knows what the current version does, considering it's still heavily focused on Counter-Strike and thus has these mostly CS related functions:

Code 30#x Bunny-Hop-Script Erkennung
Code 31#x Quick-Silencer Scripte
Code 32#x Rapid/Burstfire Erkennung
Code 33#x 180 Degree Turn Scripts
Code 34#x Recoil Scripte/ Weapon Bug Scripte
Code 35#x Servercrash-Scripte
Code 36#x Spammer Scripte / Silent Defuse
Code 37#x Fast AWM Change Scripte
Code 38#x Unwanted Scripte, Benutzung eines Fehlers oder or Exploit

And then I'm not sure if HLGuard covers all kind of checks that ETANA has, that is

- CVAR Locks (ok that's most likely covered)
- CVAR Limits
- File Locks
- Command Locks
- Alias Locks

So basically, ETANA does the job hassle free, while HLGuard needs lots of messing around and testing until it's certain HLGuard works as desired. (Unless you run a CS server, then HLGuard can probably be used out of the box.)

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