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Originally Posted by NotCrazedGunman View Post
Ships blockaded in their ports cannot just sail through a wall of steel and escape. Units which are totally cut off from supplies and vastly outnumbered do not hold out against vast hordes for weeks on end, especially if the attackers are British as opposed to Soviets. Unescorted bombers cannot put an airbase out of action in 1 raid without being torn to pieces. I have been on the giving and receiving end of all these problems.
Never noticed anything like these. Out of supply means a massive drop in combat effectiveness, as well as constantly decreasing organization. Bombers can only manage an air raid with no escorting fighters if the enemy air force has been annihilated by fighters earlier. Ships DO get sunk, if trying to attack a large blockading force.

I've tried all of them.

My fleet got sunk in three rounds of combat. My bombers never came back. My ground force was removed from the game.
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