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Originally Posted by PuЪLiㄷEиəℳy#1 View Post
1) In my earlier Style is Key quests, the quest summary for it immediately turns to green as soon as I get enough Stylish points. However, when I took Style is Key 5 today, the quest didn't turn green until I finished the dungeon.
Ignore this previous report. I just realized that this is intended.

I was surprised though that I was able to repeat the quest "A Simple Task" even though I already finished it several levels back months ago. I randomly went to Ryan (there was no sign over his head for NPCs with available quests) and saw that the quest reappeared and I was able to retake it.

EDIT: There are also inconsistencies in the text for a quest. The red text says that it should be in Blood Mode but the quest objective says Hard Mode.

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