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A few frugal gamers have actually found out that if you get the boxed version of the game and enter in the code that comes with it, you will get a lot of great benefits AND save a lot of money over buying all of them separately.

The main credit for this breakdown goes to MudSlide. So please give him some + rep love.

Buying a regular boxed version of the game (currently just $6.46 on Amazon) gets you the following features:

- 1 month of gold status - $15 value.
- 1 extra character slot - 250 Cryptic points.
- You will be able to post on the Cryptic STO forum.

You will also get a few ACCOUNT wide benefits. These are great because if you quickly make your characters before your free month of Gold membership expires, they will each have a lot of bonus features that would have cost you thousands of Cryptic points otherwise (or one month of Gold membership). These account wide benefits include:

- More duty officer slots for every character on your account - 580 Cryptic points PER character.
- Energy Credit increase for every character on your account - 400 Cryptic points PER character.
- Extra inventory slots for every character on your account - 320 Cryptic points PER character.
- More Bridge Officer slots for every character on your account - 200 Cryptic points PER character.
- More bank space for every character on your account - 240 Cryptic points PER character.

There is also a "Collectors Edition" of the game, which includes bonus features on TOP of what is already given with the regular version. This currently costs $9.99 on Amazon. Let me say this again. It INCLUDES all the features mentioned above plus the ones mentioned below.

The Collectors version of the game gives you the following extras:

- Borg bridge officer for Federation characters - 400 Cryptic points.
- Borg bridge officer for Klingon characters - 400 Cryptic points.
- Next Generation uniforms - 400 Cryptic points.
- DS9 uniforms - 400 Cryptic points.
- Red Matter Capacitor - Not sold in the Cryptic store. It is a great item that repairs all your damaged sytems and gives you more power.

Once again, thank's to MudSlide for his research.

As you can see, buying the boxed version is a pretty great deal. If you can find it at your local store, I suggest you snag it up. Otherwise buy it through Amazon. They are a trusted seller and usually have good deals on pretty much everything.

Also keep an eye on this timecard. At the time of this writing it is $21.99, with free shipping. This is not the best deal as it only gives you Gold membership status and all its benefits. But if it ever drops below $15, it becomes pretty solid. 2 months of Gold membership and 800 Cryptic Points, all for the low price of $15 (or less). Some of my guild members bought this at the $5-$10 dollar range, making it an amazing deal. I missed out on this offer.

FAQ section.

Q: How do I register for this game?
A: Click this link and fill everything out.

Q: How do I redeem my keys from the box or timecard?
A: Click this link here.

Q: What is this about free Cryptic Points for Gold members?
A: Right now all Gold members get 400 Cryptic points per month for subscribing to the game (or putting in a box or timecard code).

Q: Can I put in a box key after I started playing with an F2P account?
A: Yes, yes you can. Once you put in the box or timecard code, your account will get upgraded to Gold status and you will get all the benefits that you are entitled to.

Q: Can I activate multiple keys from multiple boxes?
A: Short answer is yes. You will get all the benefits except for the free Gold month. You are only limited to one "free" Gold month per box offer. What this means is that if you have the Collectors edition (that comes with a lot of in game items) and the Standard version that comes with a Tribble and sometimes a newby ship, you will get all the in game items of the Collectors and the Standard edition, but you will only get 1 month of Gold membership. So it's really not worth inputting both codes.

Q: What about timecards? Can I activate more than one?
A: Yes, and those will stack.

Q: Are free players limited in any way over paying customers?
A: Not really. Please look at this Matrix.

Q: Why can't I connect to the game?
A: Right now Gold member's get priority queuing. The regular F2P people have to wait in line, which sometimes lasts for up to an hour. The worst part is that there is no way to see your position in this line.

Q: The game is erroring out when I try to create my character.
A: Log out and try again. You simply took too long to make your character. Both Gold and Silver (F2P) members are having this issue. The game has thousands of new players and Cryptic's servers are being hit hard. Just bear with it for now. Try creating your characters (if you want to take a long time to do it) during off hours and use the save feature to easily re-create them.

Q: How can I tell if the server is down?
A: Check this link. Over in the top left you should see Server Status: UP/DOWN and a green or red circle. I am sure you can figure out which one is for which.

Q: Why can't I post on the Cryptic (official STO) forums?
A: You need to purchase at least 1 month of Gold membership to post there, or you need to buy the game.

Q: I can't use the in game chat? What is going on here?
A: Read the matrix here, it really is useful. Long story short, you will be able to use zone chat, etc after you spend 20 hours playing the game or buy something from the c-store, or buy the game itself.

Q: I did not receive my Borg BO and I bought it from Amazon? Why not?
A: A few people have had this happen. When buying from Amazon make sure it is not purchased from the Amazon marketplace, but from Amazon itself. This means that the item page should say:

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by

This is the only way you can know that you are in fact getting the Amazon version with the Borg Officer.

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