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I was disappointed with the difficulty level of Skyrim, it's way too easy. And I didn't like that there aren't so much enemies in the areas, you have to walk/run miles to find new enemies. Well, this is of course realistic in an open-world-rpg-game where isn't behind every tree/stone a monster.

Lord of the Rings: WiTN then again, overloaded me with enemies. The linear gameplay and tube levels focused the gameplay on combat. The graphic reminded me of Guild Wars somehow, which is my favorite mmorpg. The level design is remarkable, I sometimes stood there and watched the scenery. I also liked the cutscenes especially the scene with the dragon spitting fire over the fellowship heads. The soundtrack is epic like the soundtrack of the LotR-movies. I will check it out on the iTunes store later.

If you are some hours in the game, you can't stop playing. I played through it in about 3 days (about 16 hours playtime) and I did some levels twice in the online co-op. The online co-op is also very addictive. If you find players with a good internet connection, then there are no lags.

I didn't like players which were talking all the time in their language I don't understand. Mute option is missing. I also played with friendly and calm gamers over 3 to 4 hours through the levels and had so much fun.

I'm really glad I bought this game and didn't listen to some reviews. I will definitely play through the game again on the harder difficulty level.

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