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Let's see, where do I start...

The name is real. Gabe's autograph? Real. The shirt? Fake. Sorry, but it is.

How did I do it? The packages you saw were real and from Valve that contained Gabe's autographs. I have two because The Orange Box and the Saxton Hale came in seperate packages.

But Gordon! The shirts tag! Slipperywhenwet emailed me asking for the tag so I quickly photoshopped it. He said "I also enlarged and darkened the tag to compare the fine text with that of my Portal 2 shirt, and they are exact." Which makes sense because I typed out the exact same text from my Portal 2 shirt. I re-created it in Photoshop.

I didn't mean for it to go this far but it did.

I was doing it because I wanted to give you guys hope, not tear you apart. For that, I am sorry.

Valve had nothing to do with it. Laidlaw's responses were completely real. I was surprised when even he thought that it was a possibility for Gabe to send out HL3 shirts. So perhaps this 'trolling' as you call it, did some good?

- Gordon A. Freeman
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