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Originally Posted by BinyahBinyah View Post
Good to hear you are playing this game and hope you enjoy it.

As for myself I am playing this game fully now for the first time. I've tried playing it before but it would get me really frustrated.

I am a hardcore FPS fan and I am really good at them. With that said this game has some ridiculous AI.

As the previous responses state the game adjusts to how you play.

I had to learn this the extremely hard way, when I would get into a fire fight I'd go out and kill everyone, but guess what would happen.

Magically 12 enemies would spawn behind me in the same spot I was just at. Now I've found this to be extremely tedious, cheesy, and dumb, but that's the way the game is.

You really do have to be careful with this game, take your time and pace yourself. If you go out guns blazing like I did, you will be made an example of immediately. Again with that being said though the game is highly unbalanced. I can't understand how a regular Kevlar wearing enemy can survive a few bullets to them from my inaccurate gun, but the said enemy has homing rocket bullets to get my health in the red by just looking at me.

Like I said pace yourself, use the binoculars to scope out enemies and target them on your radar. It really does help.

The game is great really enjoying it, never had the time or patience to play it before, but I am loving it now. Still one of the best looking games to this date.

Hope you enjoy it. I still hate the AI though.
Ahhhhhh, I was wondering what function the binoculars served! A large part of my frustration with the game is that the player is either expected to know ALL of the in-game combat functions from the very start, or be able retain all the little tutorial pop-ups the first time they appear. That seems a bit steep of a learning curve right off the bat! IMHO, this game needs a full tutorial that takes you slowly through the varied ways to move and gun and use the nanosuit. There are a LOT of permutations!

I've only been playing for about a week, but the in-game combat controls feel way too complex to me for an FPS shooter. I've played LOTS of Fallout 3, so I guess I'm a little biased as I'm very used the way you sneak & snipe in that game. I'm a big fan of sneaking/sniping. I'm tired of the ADD/Red Bull-fueled style of combat. I like to take things slow. I'm trying to get the hang of how to translate that to Crysis, but it's difficult.

Thanks for the tip about the binoculars!
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