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Unhappy R.I.P. Max Payne

I just watched the new Max Payne 3 trailer, which reveals more of the story ( As expected, this looks like a solid game by Rockstar, however am I the only one who thinks this game isn't anywhere close to Max Payne? The unforgettable Max Payne games I remember were dark and gritty neo-noir style, amazingly written and presented games.

It saddens me that Rockstar decided to use their own action focused style. Of course it's their choice and maybe they decided to do so, because of today's youth or they don't know otherwise. But after watching the trailer, I am quite sure that the Max Payne games I know have died (with Remedy selling the title to Rockstar).

Before anyone starts bashing me. This is just my personal opinion of the new trailer of Max Payne 3. I played both Max Payne games and really miss playing games like that (glad Alan Wake released on PC now). The reason I'm posting this is because I'd like to see your opinions.

R.I.P. Max Payne.
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