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Originally Posted by CrashSite View Post
All I meant by that is that HL are the people already testing basically all of the unlocks, while 6v6 players are not.
They test them before they are allowed on the whitelist. Common knowledge.

If it's broken, it's banned. Wrangler, Pomson, etc.

If it's not game-breaking, it isn't banned. There are plenty of these.

If it's an entirely stupid weapon , chances are it's banned. Sandman, Pomson, Natscha, etc.

The mere fact that those weapons are banned is feedback that there is something fundamentally wrong with the weapon. As long as you don't look at Euro TF2, there are good reasons behind bans.

The top HL players are also top 6v6 players so I don't see the issue.

Also at this point, if all unlocks are allowed, there is no longer specialists and generalists, as unlocks has made class balances a joke.
No, not really. Most classes have stayed within their general roles. Some of them change slightly upon equipping an unlock, but I don't expect a Soldier to do much other than be a Soldier. A Scout be a Scout. A Pyro be a Pyro... you get the point.

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