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There's been a pretty gameplay-affecting bug in the game for months. The overtime bug, most commonly seen on AD maps (Gravelpit, Gorge). Not to mention the crashes and general lack of interest in the balance of the weapons and classes. Gameplay has taken a back seat with optimization.

I don't really care about hats or new weapons for that matter. I don't mind that they exist either. I have problems with them, and the fact that they've seemingly changed the point of this game, but I've gotten over it. I just want them to put some time into making the game itself better.

I wouldn't call them greedy, but I'm not about to praise them on how they handled the game. TF2 and its community has essentially been it's test mice for the last year and a half. By going F2P they've given people a reason to DL Steam, and thus get them to buy more games after they've played with TF2. They've experimented with ingame stores, which I'll bet you'll see in DOTA2 considering how successful it's been. They added the coaching system, while great, isn't something that really makes sense to add to TF2, a more casual game (again I'm looking at you DOTA2). The direction of the game has drastically changed so they can conduct their little social and economical experiment. Fine, but at least make the game playable so that those who enjoyed what the game once was can still do so today.

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