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Suggestion: Trade Mode

Ever since Mann-conomy was introduced, the subject of trading has been an uneasy subject in the TF2 community. On the one hand, it has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. On the other hand, it has become more and more essential for actually obtaining items. With the new overhaul of the trade system, I think that it might be time to make trading an explicit part of the game.

The primary suggestion is to add an actual gamemode called "trade mode" which focuses on trading. To facilitate this gamemode, an official Team Fortress currency would be added called "tix." This currency would be gained through use of Trade Mode, but could be used in other Steam Trading situations.

Trade mode would be intended to slowly teach users the ins and outs of trading. Each player would have a "trade level" which would increase through use of trade mode. The trade level would restrict what a player could do in trade mode.

A trade mode map would consist of 24 corner shops, each assigned to a player. The player's items would be displayed throughout the shop. Other players can go into a player's shop and request the sale of the displayed items (if a player does not want to sell something, he only needs to take it off display).

At low trade levels, the player would be restricted to trading with bots (and probably restricted to "practice trading mode.") At first the bots would offer to buy something for its list price in tix. The player could make counter offers, but bots would have limits to how high they will buy items for. As trade level increases bots will start make general requests, such as "can I buy a pyro item?" or "can I buy a hat?" They also will start offering the player items for sale. All of this bot trades would be real trades resulting in an exchange of tix and items.

After achieving a certain trade level, the player could go to real trade servers and engage in trade mode with other players. Higher trade levels would let a player customize the look of his store, or engage in more complicated transactions (such as reserving items for future trade). As a server option, bot traders could randomly spawn in multi-player trade servers.

This idea would make trading more of an integrated part of Team Fortress, rather than a part of the game most players don't like to talk about, but are forced to deal with.
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