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Originally Posted by The Machine View Post
I'm quite sure he didn't die because I've trick out the game and went back to help him. He didn't die but just disappeared in the corner. You can see what happens in this video.

btw No cheats were used
After viewing your video, it is clear that Father Gregori survived the initial zombie attack wave. There was probably meant to be a secret underground passageway that led back to a safehouse somewhere in another area of Ravenholm. So, yes, Father Gregori most likely survived. Because the Citidel is so huge, and the Reavtor Core Meltdown could be seen from miles, he would have noticed it at some point if Ravenholm was in range of the blast. It becomes apparent that Ravenholm isn't within blast range.It's a win-win situation once you take the time to anylyze it. After he has cleared Ravenholm out, he'll just wander to another town to preach/shoot zombies.
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