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Originally Posted by Frankmanic View Post
It's pretty straightforward if you're familiar with the source material. Go check out

- Neuromancer

- The Matrix

- Johnny Mnemonic

- The Diamond Age

- Illuminatus

- Deus Ex (the original one)

- The Syndicate

- Warhammer 40k

- Event Horizon

- Doom

- Lawnmower Man

- Xistenze

- Starship Troopers (Book and movie)

- STALKER (Book - Roadside Picnic, Movie and videogame STALKER)

- Cyberpunk 2020

Once you've done your reading you'll know everything you need to know.

I can sum it up, though.

1. Everyone is going to betray you

2. You will never understand the conspiracies in which you are merely a single cog in a machine that stretches back through centuries and moves worlds with unfathomable engines

3. If it looks friendly, helpful, appealing, kind, or decent it is a trap and you should shoot it in the head repeatedly then burn the body.

4. Get the biggest guns you can carry. Ventilate anything with more than two legs, two arms, and one head.

5. You're more machine now than man. If you're not you should get working on it as it's the only way you're going to survive.

6. Ignore the voices in your head. If you can hear voices in your head shoot everyone who looks friendly. You've gone mad and are confusing enemies and friendlies.

7. Morality is a luxury you cannot afford due to the cost of the neural architecture required to mount the upgrade.

8. There are no good guys. Ultimately the best you can do is choose what kind of dismal, apocalyptic future you want to abide in.
OH MY ING GOD. You made laugh so hard I fell off my chair. Damn, that hurt.
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