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If you actually read most of the xbox postings there they really fall into one of 4 categories

1) Avatar modification (skin/hair colour not allowed)
2) Gamertag or bio ban/suspensions (offensive or excessive amounts of violations)
3) Advertising modded lobbies or jtag stuff via profile or messages
4) A distant 4th, actual cheating

Note XBLPET people have to SEE the cheating before they institute a ban so you really have a fundamental limitation as to how many people get banned at any given time due to cheating.

Also xbox live as a service works a lot differently than VAC does from a functional perspective.

Don't get me wrong. The stupid stuff people say is amusing, and we get that a lot here to of 'why was I vac banned? i no cheat' kind of deal. But the system they have in place is great for banning users where the violation in asynchronous. Avatars/gamertags/bios can be checked enmasse and they even have an interesting system using the xbox controller to quickly run through violations of this kind extremely quickly. But as an anti-cheat mechanism it's not very effective and is not really designed to be that anyway.

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